Robot Reveal Video - Plasma Robotics 2403

Robot Reveal Video:

Plasma Robotics, team 2403, is proud to present our 10th robot for the FIRST Robotics Competition.

We will be competing March 8-11 at the Utah Regional, and at the Arizona West Regional April 5-8.

Best of luck to all teams in FIRST STEAMWORKS.

Looks great. I love the gear release.

What did you do for climber gear ratio? It looks like two cims?

I hope you are adding some blocks between the wheels on the wcd, for supporting bumpers.

For our climb, we’re using 2 BAG motors in VP2s, with a 70:1 ratio on each. And yeah, the bot in our reveal video is our practice bot, so we didn’t block it out for bumpers. The final bot has proper supports for our bumpers.