Robot Reveal Video - Plasma Robotics 2403](

Robot Reveal Video:

Plasma Robotics, team 2403, is proud to present our robot for the 2018 FIRST Robotics Competition.

We shelved the usual 80’s rock music for the video this year, and embraced the 8-bit video game theme.

We will be competing March 7-10 at the Arizona North Regional, and at the Arizona West Regional April 4-7.

Best of luck to all teams in FIRST POWER UP.

Meeting you guys in Houston was definitely a highlight, and your robots were part of the reason why. Great job!

Going full Adrian this year. I love it.

Nice! Different approach than what we’ve been seeing!

Unique. I dig this. Looking forward to seeing it in person.

I love how unconventional this bot is. It’s cool to see good implementation of an out of the box concept. Bonus points for the disk brake.

Love all the plastic Versatube, glad to see another team trying it out for their arm! Looking forward to seeing it up close at North and West.

PURPLE! PLASMA! See you guys at Arizona West.