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How do you avoid copyright in your robot reveal video? We want to use Unstoppable by The Score but aren’t sure if that would get copyrighted.


YouTube has a directory of songs and their respective copyright policies. You can find it here:


Look for a remix, then plead fair use.

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When uploading a Youtube video, I don’t know of a sure way to know if it will be taken down for copyright. However, the score does not take down many videos with there songs in it, and other teams have used Unstoppable in their robot reveal, so unless you have ad revenue turned on, you should be okay. I have personally used score songs in videos I have made, and none of them have been taken down


If you want my real answer, I’ll tell you. But here’s my legal one first.
You can’t. If you use a copyrighted song in a video, the owner has the complete and total authority to sue, especially in your case, since it doesn’t fall under fair use. So, don’t do it unless you get their DIRECT permission.
My real answer is: It doesn’t matter. The most they’re actually going to do is claim the video, which takes all the revenue away. But you have to get 1000 subscribers on youtube to even be able to manually enable ads on the video. So, it usually doesn’t really matter if you use a copyrighted song in a robot reveal. That being said, I still warn you to take precautions and still credit them in and under the video.
Edit: To clarify, I am NOT advocating for the unfiar use of copyrighted material. I’m just telling you your options.
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You should consider using this song, because some other team already used it. But…you know… it’s your decision.




This is basically the answer. The reality is that must robotics reveal videos don’t get enough views to matter much to the owner of the song. In addition, most of the time they aren’t monetized which means they’re not under much scrutiny from YouTube. Plus, if it does get claimed, AFAIK they just turn monetization on and the profits go to the claim owner.

My answer is to look towards other music for your reveal. There are plenty of royalty free options from YouTube or maybe you can find a song elsewhere that is less likely to be claimed. In reality, you likely won’t run into any issues, but anyone who has been in FRC long enough recognizes “Unstoppable” as some sort of over-used robot reveal anthem, so I strongly suggest a song that exemplifies the feel of your team and robot better than a song that I swear I hear on at least a few videos every season the past few years.

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