Robot Reveal Videos... AND GO

So yesterday was bag and tag.
Most of the teams probably have robot reveal videos.
When published, post them below. We all want to see that CNC’d Aluminum and those sexy LEDs :smiley:

Um…tons of Reveals already posted here:
Robot Showcase

As videos get posted, I have been putting them together in a 2015 playlist here:

I prefer a playlist over a thread. It’s much easier to browse.

That playlist is fantastic, TY. Can you add the rest there? Please!

A new prediction Teams 148, 1657, & 1678 (add 2283 for the 4th…Just in case Robin or any of the others got hurt, as they could sub right into almost any of the 3 places)…LOL. Would make an unbelievable and highly formidable Recycle rush Alliance for Einstein!(2 Human Player Stations camped out at full time fast built and delivered capped stacks, Auto RC Set, Auto Tote Stack, and a 4 RC snatch (the biggest question is who and how to get that stack on the shelf quickly for the co-op bonus, though I would assume 1678 would get a couple of those RC’s over to each of 148 & 1657 and bring the yellow stack back to the shelf on the very first trip)…I hope beyond the 4 second 4 Shelf RC Snatcher, you can stack really fast Totes & RC’s too 1678! And no reason for any sliced tethers either…Priceless. Who needs a lousy mere 6 point robot set per round? Love that mini-bot too…Actually all 3 pcs 1657…Or is that actually 6 pcs? (Is all that really all under 120 Lbs? And how many capped & built stacks of 6 can you push like that? That is a real wall builder…High & tight)Absolutely Amazing, I cannot wait to actually see the actual bot 1678 has. (Though seeing their quick 4 Auto RC work was plenty enough!)

Hey guys…Thanks for sharing! I knew this fairly nearly unlimited robot on field size type game season would cause some to venture far afield outside the usual tight box…Except during transport configuration that is! Great jobs by all I have seen so far, many are amazingly fast also.