Robot Ripped in Half

Something funny that happened at Calgames a few weeks ago :stuck_out_tongue:

Although this was painful when it happened… It’s one of the funniest things ever rewatching it :smiley:

Possibly the most annoying camera work ever…

It does look painful for the robot but but honestly with that video editing that was done, I wasn’t even able to see what was happening. Next time I would reccomend putting up an original video and then the remix kind of stuff that you did.


I’ll agree to that. I can’t really tell what happened. I however would like to see the un edited version of what happened, or could someone at least explain what happened?

From the two times I could watch without getting motion sickness, looks like a robot that couldn’t fit under the pyramid, tried to fit under the pyramid.

I don’t have sound right now, but I hope there’s some dubstep in this video.

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