Robot Rodeo Roundup

We would just like to take this opportunity to thank all of the teams that made the journey to Orlando to play in the Robot Rodeo.

I can not tell you how please I was to read all of the posts descrbiting everyone excitement and satisfaction with the Rodeo.

We hope that everyone had as much at the rodeo as we did, and we can’t wait to see you back in Orlando…

Which brings me to the “Big Announcement”. Team 1083 (University High School Robotics team) will be hosting another off-season event in June. The tentative date is June 12th.

We hope to see even more teams at this event than the rodeo; More details to follow.

To all of the teams that attended this years Rodeo, please take the time to fill out your survey card when it arrives. These will be given to our school’s Principal to show him what a great organization FIRST is.

Thanks again, and hope to see y’all really soon!!

Nathan Pell
Head Coach, UHS Robotics 1083



Nice guys! Robot Rodeo was a blast and I’ll definetly be looking foreward to this next one! Awesome job all!

it was great jim,

why was 180 108 and 186 lucky “8’s”
iu wash it would have been 179 79 and 710 with those luckey “7’s”

This was my favorite cheer…

SPAM And Swamp!.. SPAM And Swamp!.. SPAM And Swamp!..
:Swampthng Falls over, Spam does match by the Lonesome Tytus Complains about how screwed up his Triggerbuttons were:

That was Fun!

robot rodeo was awesome… i am really happy that university high school would like to sponsor another offseason competition. it will be a lot of fun. i hope to see more teams at the competitions.

Tytus, it was lucky 8 this time… and probably next time too.:wink:

*Originally posted by expiredzbyte *
**Tytus, it was lucky 8 this time… and probably next time too.:wink: … **

Well, see that’s also cause ComBBAT wasn’t on hand to defend it’s winnings with SPAM from last year. Lol. Time will tell… either way, the competition was a ton of fun! Great job to 1083 for putting it all together!

it was lucky 8 this time… and probably next time too. …

no see, its not lucky 8… its Crazy Eights!! And those eights are wild!!

I really wish I had been able to go and see everybody again… but i didn’t really have a choice… but there’s always next time!

Congrats to everyone, and keep up the good work!!

teresa you are right… we were probably the crazy ones… i wish if you were there too… you better be @ UCF!!!

Yes Yes

Take it for the Luckey 7’s!!!

he wishes that he could take it… :smiley: