Robot Rumble 2014 Offseason

The Robot Rumble is only days away, FRC teams from the Greater Richmond area and beyond are going to be playing Ultimate Accent at the Arthur Ashe Center, Richmond VA. Oct. 19,2013
Free addmission to the public
Teams registerd for the event:
4286 OOPS sorry Lee Davis

4682? What?

Either a typo or a cross-country adventure :slight_smile:

Probably means 4286.

Many thanks to Virginia FIRST and all the volunteers for hosting another great Robot Rumble. The Author Ashe Center was a good venue even though the AC did not work - wish you guys that did not attend could have seen it.

Many thanks and congratulations to Ilite 1885 for picking us for the win; you guys were awesome with a 7-0-0 record even with a skeleton crew. To all the alliances for a great tournament and elimination rounds, Thanks Again. Can’t wait till next year - I hope we can get more teams to run the game in the 3 v 3 just like a regional or district tournament.

This was just a great event. Can’t say enough good things about the venue. Even the food was great.

When Sparky and Ilite teamed up, they were invincible, scoring 100+ point matches with only two robots. They definitely deserved the win.

If people haven’t found it yet, there is a photo gallery here.

Blue Cheese had a great time as well. It was a great way to give our rookies their first taste of a FIRST event. We came away with a lot of positives. Loved the AA center. We had a ton of space. Hopefully we can run a full 24 teams next year. I think there needs to be change in our FIRST culture in VA. The off season needs to be an extension of the competition season and not an after thought.

As my first event as a new FRC coach I had a great time and I know my team enjoyed it too. I found this to be a great experience and I am looking forward to the upcoming season.

My thanks and appreciation go out to everyone I met and talked with! I look forward to meeting more people at the next event!

I agree, great competition, it was a great experience especially for all of the new students entering FRC in general. The teams exhibited gracious professionalism and all had a great time! In addition, props to my middle school workshop Mr. Herbert, who posted above, as this is his first year mentoring FRC robotics. Finally, a great thanks to Mr. Clarke for being a great mentor! I wish all the teams that attended the best of luck in this years competition and hope to see some at iLite’s event, iRoc.