Robot Rumble 2022

Hello All,

Coach for Team 3044 OxBe4 out of Ballston Spa NY. After three year hiatus we are bringing back Robot Rumble as an off season event. The event will take place on Saturday November 5th at the Ballston Spa Central High School in Ballston Spa, NY. We have a cap of 24 teams and hope many teams from the past will make this event.

The site is active and is ready for registration.

There are a number of hotels near our school if there is a need to stay over night.

There will be lunch options from local restaurants and we are currently working on getting a couple food trucks.

Hope to see all the teams from the past and some new teams!!
You can reach me at,


Here is a list of teams after three days of open registration… We have space for 24 teams.

Registered Teams

There are currently 10 teams registered for Robot Rumble.

Team 20

The Rocketeers
Ballston Lake, New York

Team 1493

Albany, NY

Team 2791

Shaker Robotics
Latham, NY

Team 3044

Ballston Spa , NY

Team 5881

TVHS Dragons
Albany, NY

Team 6300

Northwood School Robotics
Lake Placid, NY

Team 6723

Mechanical Mounties

Team 7030

Lake Placid, NY

Team 7407

Wired Boars
Wallingford , CT

Team 7718

Stone Ridge, New York

Registration is still open for teams to join our event.

I like that there are some NE District teams venturing over. It would be great if more would join as we haven’t competed against NE teams for many years!!