Robot Safety

Do we need to guard moving parts such as chains and what not? If so I need to know what type of things to guard and what to guard it with.

Also where in the manuals does it talk about recording purchases/donations? And about the spending limit on the robot. I can’t seem to find it. Also if there is anything else really important that I need to know then please tell me.


Part 1: Pinch points and your entire shooter need to be shielded. Drive chains are also a good idea, but less of an issue right now.

Part 2: Section has the cost accounting rules.

Anything else you need to know: the manual is your friend. I read each manual cover to cover at least once every year, then have to go back into it to help people find rules they didn’t find on their own.

Hey thanks alot, you really helped. Also one more question though, what is the TIMS that the 1.8.6 is talking about? It’s the Yearbook submission thing, but I don’t know how to get to it.

Team Information Management System. I don’t know how to get on either, except that it’s probably on the FIRST site.

Does anyone know where to find this? --> click register now. That is where you can find TIMS. your team’s primary contact (for FIRST) will have the password and username, so you will have to ask them.

One more thing…Do we need to cover our chains for safety? Or just the sprockets?

And also, no one on our team knows the username/pass to the TIMS.

Any Ideas?

usually you dont have to worry about putting chain guards on your drivetrain, because its not as easy to stick a finger in a chain while the bot is moving

people who are working on the robot are more likely to poke a finger into things that can spin or move while the bot is sitting still.

In general, any part of the robot that can hurt someone should be shielded if possible. This year FIRST requires that all shooter mechanisms be shielded.

also, when working on your robot it should be a rule, the person who turns the power on must first make sure everyone is standing back, then announce “CLEAR” before you apply power. There are several reasons for this: you never know if the bot will lurch when you apply power, or if one of your pneumatic cylinders will trigger unexpectedly.

Always be cautious when you wake a sleeping robot! :^)

Thanks alot

Also, whenever you power up anything, for testing or for competition, make sure everyone is wearing safety glasses. Even if they aren’t right next to the bot, if they’re working on CADD or something 10 feet away, they should still be wearing safety glasses. Also, be aware of pinch points on your robot, and show everyone on the team where not to put their hands…also, when working on the robot, it’s a good idea to make sure the battery is unplugged, that way there is no chance of an accidental start up.

Were is it stated in the rules that the shooter has to be guarded? I have searched the robot rules and found nothing.

Were is it stated in the rules that the shooter has to be guarded? I have searched the robot rules and found nothing.

From the FIRST manual:
<S03> The SHOOTING MECHANISM must remain inside the ROBOT - Any mechanism used to throw balls must be contained within the original 28” x 38” x 60” starting envelope of the ROBOT and must be shielded such that the mechanism cannot make contact with other ROBOT. A ROBOT that violates this rule will be considered unsafe per <S01>.

Hope this helps.