Robot Scouter is ready for 2019!

Have a look at the Play Store listing:
The GitHub repo:
And the release notes:

Here’s a list of features:


How exactly can multiple people scout at the same time? Is there some sort of connection required to send data between devices, or do you just export separately and compile the data with spreadsheets?

Also, can you send match scouting templates between devices?

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Multiple people can scout at the same time. Each completed form is saved on the users device automatically when completed. An internet connection is required to transfer data between devices but you can do that when you get back to your hotel. The data transfer is fast and reliable. Once the data is shared between devices you can export it into a google sheet. Any templates that you create on one device should automatically share between devices on an internet connection.

Just an FYI I did not help make this app. I used robot scouter last season and had only one issue with it. I found that when I exported data it did not organize the spreadsheet properly. Instead of placing the matches in chronological order it placed them randomly. This made it difficult to tell if teams were improving during quals. I do not know if they fixed this issue with the most recent patch or if it is use error but I just thought you should know.

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Yep. As long as you’re logged in with the same account on all your devices, templates and scouts will be synced.

@coldResult nailed it. As for that bug, it’s been fixed: in the app, scouts are sorted newest to oldest and in the spreadsheet, it’s oldest to newest.

My team is currently running into an error when using the “Robot Scouter” app on our android tablets and phone (here’s the tablet we’re using) When we try to export the info that we’ve recorded on the app, we get an error message on the tablet in regards to bluetooth connection and it reads “Bluetooth Share keeps stopping.” Also, after trying to export the files and tapping “share,” the bluetooth on the tablet seems to shut off. To add to that, the machine that we are attempting to export to says that the tablet is “paired” and not “connected” (is there a difference?) Is anyone else getting these errors? We could use some help troubleshooting.

Robot Scouter doesn’t do anything with bluetooth directly (yet). This means the issue is with the device, not any particular app.

I would recommend seeing if you can do a direct file transfer (Robot Scouter’s exports go in the Documents folder). Worst case, you should be able to use a USB cable and pull the files off the devices directly.

@SUPERCILEX We’re experiencing an error where if we try to add a team, it appears for a moment in the Teams tab, however, it immediately disappears. We tried uninstalling/reinstalling as well as restarting our tablet. Appreciate any help or advice you can give.

Also forgot to mention that if we try exporting the teams, it says no teams exported.

Well ■■■■, I’m so sorry about that—I completely broke prod! :scream: I’ve fixed this remotely, please let me know if you’re still having trouble.

It’s working now. Thanks so much!