Robot shipped!!!!!

o thankGod are robot shipped finally i know what you guys mean about needing sleep i was working on are robot from 3 p.m. wed to about 715 am onn thursday and i just left to go to school so ya i will be catching on sleep we werent gonna work that long but we had couple of problems arise at the last minute good thing becuase it would of sucked if that happen up at regionals so ya we got alot of practice time in which is good and now i cant wait to regionals at ucf its going to be great if you want to see some pictures of are sweet graphics aim me so ya now i am going to bed to wake up in a hour to go back to robotics meeting

I was glad to see it go, I need sleep and I have not been able to spend time on other things, All in all it was very productive but I was really glad to see the Fed Ex truck this year. Now the fun can begine here come the regionals YES!

It may be shipped but now is the true test for some of the team members. I too was happy to get the bot going, but putting it into the FedEx truck meant one thing for me: Time to do some work.
Unlike the rest of the team, the strategy people get the happy task of figuring out the rest. I have a feeling we’re going to have a fun couple of weeks!
~Ann-Marie, team 783 Mobotics
-Co-Head of Strat

o ya i agree i am a driver and we have been porring over stuff its fun but also tiring sleep is needed but can wait this is what i live for robotics i lvoe it when i can tell my gf o i have roboitcs i cant hang otu with you she gets a little annoyed but then i make it up to her