Robot shutoff issue

Our robot has recently been having an issue and we are not aware of how or where it is happening. Somewhat randomly when driving the robot, the robot will stop sending power to everything. When it does have this problem, it is usually in regular intervals. It only shuts off fit less than a second. Our writing seems to be correct, and the periodic loop it appears to have leads us to believe it is a programming issue. When the problem occurs, the FRC driver station shows the robot communications as off and the teleop is disabled for a fraction of a second. We are not sure exactly how to approach this issue, so any suggestions are welcome.

I’ve seen a few issues with a few different laptops where the wireless adapter regularly (every minute or few minutes) initiates a scan for available access points - causing a spike in packet loss, which sometimes causes the driver station to timeout.

I’ve been able to use a piece of freeware called wlan optimizer to get around this most of the time.


If you have any logs of this happening from your driver station maybe you could attach them?

Do you have a lot of print outs to your console?

Many people are having this same issue by sending too many prints to the console.

This was fixed in the 2018v17 RoboRIO image. The symptom there was complete loss of robot comm, not a momentary blip.

We have a decent amount of prints, but I am not sure if it would be enough to cause an issue. We will test and see if that is causing the issue. Thank you very much.

We ran the program on a second practice robot (all new roboRio, PWM, etc.) and we did not have the problem again. Our competition robot is already bagged, so unless the problem arises again, we will likely not be able to troubleshoot it. Regarding the logs, we currently do not have any and can’t (and hopefully won’t be able to) obtain any.