Robot Signal Light Patterns

I’ve been looking for an official document that defines the various patterns that the Robot Signal Light (RSL) displays. A mentor on our team found the following from Team 358 (thanks!):

The RSL blink pattern tells what state the robot is in. The patterns can be changed year-to-year but in 2011 they were:
Fast Blink = cRIO not communicating with Driver Station
Slow Blink = disabled
Short on/long-off Blink = either low battery or no code & disabled
Long on/short off blink = Teleop mode
Solid on = Autonomous mode

(about 2/3 of the way down a very long page).

I also found this:
but it doesn’t have a date on it (I think it’s from 2010).

Since it can change every year, does anyone know a source for this year’s info? A link, reference to a manual, or simple cut&paste would be appreciated. I’ve done some searches on CD, but didn’t find what I was looking for. Surprising; maybe I didn’t use the right search terms.