Robot Signal Light volts and watts spec?

I used the CD search box and Google but couldn’t find an answer: What is the wattage rating and operating voltage of the RSL?


From the model #855PB-B12ME522, I can say it is a 12v unit. I don’t seem to find a power rating though.

Looking closely at the picture in this link, I can see that the 10v version has a 30mA rating. I can only guess that the 12v version is not too different.

Would an automotive 12v turn signal light draw too much current from the digital sidecar ? This is for non-competition use.


It’s powered by the battery and has an approximately 2 amp fuse built into the sidecar, from what I remember.

According to this datasheet, it appears that the max amperage for the robot signal light port is 2.2 amps, with a typical amperage of 1.1 amps. The voltage is equal to Vin. Also stated is that there is a snubber diode put in parallel to protect it from any load inductance, so you might be able to use a light that has a slightly higher than recommended peak amperage, but that’s really only if you don’t mind the possibility of damaging the digital sidecar.

Here’s the circuitry you’re interested in:

It uses a FDN359AN for amplification.
The data sheet says 2.7A max continuous.

By the way, I got that schematic from
(I posted only a small screenshot)

An 1157 bulb (used for turn signals for years in cars) draws 2.1 amps on the bright filament

but you could use a bulb that does not draw as much current, or a modern LED replacement.

How about putting a resistor inline?
A 5 ohm should be fine, if you have it in a 6W package.
Or you could put two of these bulbs in series.

Rockwell lists the current as 60 ma for the robot signal light. the turn signal lamp for my Honda is rated at .89 amps. Since the FET does not have a heatsink, I am going out on a limb and say that it might be pushing it to tie in a lamp of nearly 1 amp.

The datasheet says 0.5W max power dissipation.
With a resistance of 0.05 ohms, I would think that isn’t a problem for the transistor. It shouldn’t even heat up much.

Now, what I would look at is the traces - make sure THEY aren’t too small.

I am just concerned for this package and where it is located on the board.

Thank you all for the help.

I had a senior moment and forgot about the Section3 Component Datasheets document.