Robot signed by Dean Kamen

While i was still reeling from a physics test Dean Kamen came to the stem center at NYC FIRST and not only signed our robot but gave one of our mentors a math lesson.


Was that CNC’d?

If you mean the team number then yes it was machined using a shopbot

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I was there too, it was so cool


would have brought my whole set of team merch to get signed if i knew but the signature next to the golden inspection tag is beautiful enough

Had to go through my old HS photos to find this. This was our '02 (?) robot from the days before bumpers. It preceded me by a good 10 years, but the story goes that our robot didn’t meet some requirement regarding the sloped sides so the team added a piece of angle iron to change the side profile. Just so happened that Dean was at the Philadelphia regional to confirm that the new modification satisfied the rules and give it his signature of approval. I can’t make out the second signature, maybe someone else recognizes it.


If I sign our robot and get Dean to wipe it off, would the robot be then designed by Dean Kamen?

Inspired by misreading the title of the topic


In 2018, Dean (along with Woodie, Don and Blair) signed our alliance captain hat. That is his signature on the very front of the brim in the white part:

He also signed the robot and my son’s shirt (although I can’t find any good pictures of those right now).

This year, Dean helped display our team number (1533):

My experiences with Dean have always been positive. He is proud to be an inspiration to so many kids and is always glad to be able to give them back a small token.

Thank you, Dean!


One of our members has a tradition of getting his forehead signed by FIRST offical people, he got Dean, Woody, and Gail, probably a few others I am forgetting, several times for some of them

Lagrangian mechanics!

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It would be unsigned i think

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Who is Dean?


Dean Kamen

Is the founder of FIRST, amongst other things.

My inspiration in life.

Guy who made the segway

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