Robot Simulator in LabView


Two great engineers, Mike Ashe and Nate Lim, who have been helping run LabView training for Southeast Connecticut Teams at Dominion’s Millstone Nuclear Power Station, have put together a FRC simulator.

The general idea was to provide a 3D visualization of the 2007 FIRST FRC competition field (or likeness thereof) and try to give the students a general programming environment with which to play with prior to the official WPI Robotics LIbrary being released.

You can download it here:

We have been able to use the USB6008 DAQ to simulate the arm control and implement other control algorithms.

We hope the CD community will find it useful!

Here is an updated version


Wow this is really great guys, good work! Obviously there are some bugs in it but its looking great.

another update: Be sure and open the Project first, then the Robot_Sim vi