Robot Size Permanent?


Just Curious. Do you guys thinkthat with the smaller robot size this year that FIRST is moving towards a permanent compact size?

I really hope not. I just like bigger robots, they are, well, you know, bigger :slight_smile:

Just thought you’d like to know some thoughts that have already been shared on this topic.

While that is a keen observation i’ll have to say that they aren’t looking to create a smaller robot size. I feel like there aren’t enough benefits to permanantly make the robot smaller but i would love to hear what others have to say:p

I really appreciate kwam dawg’s simple yet affluent response. I agree with Johnbot as well. I too like sizable bots. :wink:

I believe making the bots this year smaller was to make it more difficult to fit the large frisbees in it, mainly to add that extra set of difficult. I don’t believe it will be permanent. I do however like the perimeter idea versus being forced to use some sort of rectangle or octagon that fits in a rectangle. Perimeter allows for more shapes, which you will soon see when competitions begin, our team isn’t so standard this year :wink: