Robot Size Question

If we had a hinged attachment that consisted of a arm extending past the robot perimeter that moved from a vertical alignment to a horizontal one using only gravity, but made the 112 in. perimeter limit in the upright position, but not in the horizontal position, would it follow to the rules?

as long as you dont go out further then 20" its legal

Also it must start the match inside the perimeter of the robot.

Yes, you would have to start the match in that configuration (R5) and meet the height requirement R4C,D

So if left free to drop, it would be illegal, because no one can hold it in place (assuming that there was no mechanism that did so) thus breaking the limit at the start of round, correct?

Assuming it falls out of the frame perimiter and does not exceed the height restrictions, yes this would be illegal.

I think he means, yes that would be legal…

If you designed it such that it would hold itself upright until the robot moved, then you would be fine. However, if the appendage dropped down as soon as you walked away from the robot before the match started, then it would be illegal, as it started the match outside the FRAME PERIMETER.

If a part starts outside the perimeter, then yes that’s a violation. If it remains inside and then drops out once the match starts (for example if you had something balanced until the robot shifted forward) that would not be a violation.