Robot Sizing Question

There is a part in the rule book under “THE ROBOT” rules section I dont quite understand:

Rule <R07> - It states that Robot dimensions are that If your robot is 4 ft tall then it must weigh 120 lbs, If it is 5 ft tall it must weigh 110 lbs, and if it is 6ft tall it must weigh 100 lbs.

Okay, off of this basic summary of the rule I have a couple of questions:

  • if you chose to make a 5 ft tall robot for example, does it have to weigh exactly 110 lbs or can it be less?
  • If your robot was say 5 ft 8", would it be put in the 6 ft class or the 5 ft class?
  • If you have an arm, is the size determined by the height of the arm when its fully erect or can it be bent?
  • In terms of the class that you choose, does the robot have to exactly meet those measurements. By that I mean, If I pick the 6 ft class does my robot have to be exactly 6 feet?
  • Can the height of your robot exceed 6 ft, because I know that the highest spider leg in the rack is approximately 7 ft 8" high from the ground?


The weight guidelines are maximums. Less is okay.

6 foot. The heights are maximums, too.

Your size is determined by your starting position.

Once again, it’s a maximum.

Your robot may not start taller than 6 ft, but you may expand to any height.

If you look at the table in <R07> it says MAXIMUM width/depth/height/weight. Meaning in class one, your robot can be 0-28" wide, 0-38" deep, 0-48" high, and weight 0-120 lbs.

So if your robot is 5’ (60") tall, it can weight anywhere between 0 and 110 lbs. If your robot was 5’8", it would exceed the maximum height for Class 2 and would be moved to Class 3, where it could weigh a maximum 100 lbs.

The size of the arm is determined by how it will start a match.

The height of your robot can exceed 6’ AFTER the match starts.

Thanks for the quick reply you guys, that just about cleared everything up.:smiley: