Robot Spec Changes Possible? Whats your opinion?

I was wondering if anyone had an opinion about the post I saw on Bill’s Blog:

"Good Afternoon Teams,

Heads up! The Game Design Committee strongly recommends teams do not assume any particular robot design or make significant purchases prior to the game release in January. There’s nothing in the rules that says you can’t start planning and training before kickoff, but this year you might want to know what you’re planning for before you make any major purchases or invest a lot of build time.

Also, the Beta Test team…"

What about his comment about GDC ‘highly recommends’? I dont think I have ever seen a warning like this? Maybe they are messing with us, but it could also be that they are seriously warning us that there will be a major change. thoughts?

I couldn’t find it just now, but there was discussion of this when it first came out. The general consensus is that it’s the official version of our favorite disclaimer, “This [something to do with last year’s official rules] is subject to change.”

All he’s saying is, don’t lock into a design before you know the game and rules.'m+back+with+some+advice

They say this every year, and for good reason. The rules and game are different every year.

But I have a funny feeling that this year we may see even more changes then just our new control system… only time will tell.

It appears that you have all confirmed my suspicions. The only reason i had introduced it as a new topic even was to find out if anyone remembered something similar to this from a past year. As for where it was, it was on an october post to bill’s blog. i ran accross it today when i was wondering around the 30+ pages of clue discussion. Thanks for your replies! :stuck_out_tongue: