Robot spec database

As part of a side-project for one of the programming sub-team members in the FRC team I’m mentoring, he is interested in preforming some research regarding FIRST hardware and robot/ team performances in competitions.

To help him with his project, I’m looking for any accessible database/s regarding team’s robot specs, meaning what components were used on a team’s robot in a year / along the years.

I admit I’m being a bit lazy for not searching the forums thoroughly first, but I’ve started searching at the time of posting this topic.

We prefer FTC / VEX or FRC related robot databases.

Every year HQ releases some data they collect about how many robots use various components (motor controllers, joysticks, sensors, cameras, etc). Not sure if that’s what you’re looking for, but it should be a start.

Other than that, getting a good picture of the actual average FRC team is going to be pretty difficult. Any survey you may release is going to be subject to response bias and therefore favor more advanced teams who are more likely to be involved in robotics in the offseason.

If you give more detail about exactly what kind of “specs” you’re looking to get info on, you may get more helpful responses.

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