Robot specification: Max

We have read the manual, it says max transport configuration is 28x48x72. It doesn’t say one word about how far things can come outside the robot when on playing and game is going. If an arm is extruding the body during a game, it doesn’t say how far we can go (max distance).
Are we to assume we can extrude as far as we like?

It’s actually 28in.x42in.x78in. There is no max distance as long as you don’t go higher than 78", go out of the field, or touch a robot/game piece on the opposite side of the field.

Nice to know, so do they actually put that in the manual or we suppose to assume that?

Frank Merrick, in the video, stated to pay attention to what the Manual states. AND to also pay attention to what it doesn’t say.

As a side note, the opinions stated here on CD are just that opinions. For the official answer to ANY question regarding robot rules or game play, the ONLY official answer to your question is through the FIRST Q&A.

It is in the manual. Although the different limits (size, outside field, other side of field) are in different places. Outside and other side of field are more game play limitation than robot size limitations.

Read your manual cover to cover, at least twice. Once to know what is in it, and the second time to piece different sections together.

And please don’t forget you have two other robots that want to play at the same time.

Also for what it is worth your robot cannot be in the auto zone or landfill at the start of the match, so it must completely fit within the staging zone or the area between the landfill and the auto zone – of course if this is a real problem, your alliance partners are probably not going to be very happy with you.

Check out R3, G1, and G18.