Robot Specs 2008

Does anybody know the maximum weight and dimensions for the robots this year?

the robot can be 38 by 28 wit a maximum of 60’’ and max weight is 120

Thanks a bunch. You are my hero.

no problem its basically lighter version of last year.

which means it might be easier to construct depending on your teams design

Ford 's memory might be a bit off – the weight is exactly the same as class 1(?) robots last year – pretty sure the dimensions are too.


you mean heavier? last year the 5foot robots were max 110lbs. :wink:

Yeah, I do i was mistaken forgot about last years 3 classes

If you look at the official inspection sheet on the FIRST website it still lists 3 classes… this is not mentioned in the 2008 manual.

I guess another update… someone did not do their “homework” at FIRST!