Robot Starting Configuration

I’m a little confused on some rules. Rules R01 and R04. The question we have is: If we have part of a robot, like an arm, extend pass the frame perimeter, is that against the rules? See the attached image. The red denotes the bumpers and the black shows the “arm.” The arm doesn’t retract, and it would stick out from the bumpers by about 4-6 inches. It would not extend more than 16 inches from the frame perimeter.

You must start within your bumpers at the beginning of a match. After that you can extend the 16 inches. So in your case that arm would have to begin retracted somehow so that it does not pass through the inner plane of the bumpers. Once the match starts you would be able to extend it out. You could have it on a pivot point so its within your frame and then falls into place with the first movement of your robot.

The arm would have to be inside the frame perimeter to begin the match. Once the match starts the arm could extend out to 16 inches.

Do you have any examples of this? We’re stumped and can’t find any…

Try this

  • Imagine your arm is a 1" square piece of aluminum extrusion 20 inches long.
  • Build a support along the bottom and sides of this extrusion to hold the arm horizontally.
  • Use a bolt to create a pivot. (Bolt goes thru support and end of extrusion).
  • Tilt the arm up (vertically) and even tipped slightly further. May need another support.

When the match starts accelerate quickly then stop quickly. The arm’s momentum will push it forward and it will come to rest on your horizontal support.
This way the arm starts within the frame perimeter and after the match starts you have the arm pivot out from the frame. (up to 16" or a little less to make it easy to pass inspection)

You could also use pneumatics or a servo motor to push the arm down and out.


Is the height included in the “frame perimeter”?

Check the blue box in rule R01. This will explain how to determine the Frame Perimeter. Note that the Frame Perimeter does not necessarily follow your actual frame pieces.

Now read rule R03 for the Starting Configuration size, and R02 for the relationship between Starting Configuration and Frame Perimeter.