Robot Starting Positions

As I interpret this, the robot that starts in the far zone could be touching only the ramp in front of the opposing alliance’s goal (and NOT touching the alliance station wall) which will put you much closer to the ball starting grids than the robots in the other two zones.

It seems to me that the intent of these starting positions should restrict the robot in the far zone to only touching the alliance station wall regardless of if it is touching the ramp or not. If that is the case, my version of that first bullet would read “In the far ZONE and in contact with the ALLIANCE STATION WALL.” What are other people’s thought on this?

52 feet from the goal isn’t enough of a challenge? it’s gotta be 54 feet?


Allowing wall or ramp allows the robot the full width of the half of the field, as is allowed in the midfield and near zones.

Making the ramp off limits as a starting location would make a simple “drive forward and kick” autonomous strategy harder to implement.

I wasn’t attempting to imply that the ramp would be off limits - only that you had to touch the wall. That is to say that if you were in the far zone, your valid starting positions would be:

  • In contact with Alliance Station Wall and NOT on the ramp
  • In contact with the Alliance Station Wall and on the ramp

Where the rule as currently stated adds another case of:

  • NOT in contact with the Alliance Station Wall and in contact with the ramp

This allows your robot to start very close to the first ball in your zone - closer than any of the robots in your alliance’s other zones.

A small robot on the ramp may not be able to physically touch the alliance wall since the goal is there.

It’s a game feature, they’re helping us, please don’t complain too loudly…

And in exchange for that you’re really far from the goal. Sounds about right to me.

The rule regarding starting positions is what it is. It is not going to change. Leave it alone.


Seriously though, Dave is right. The rule is what it is, plan for teams to use it (and maybe use it yourself?).

I think I am starting to see light at the bottom of the hole I am digging…:eek:

I will absolutely be utilizing the ramp starting position in my strategy repertoire… it just stood out in my mind as one thing that didn’t look like the others and struck me as odd… I was wondering what other people thought.

See you at the competition! ::safety::