Robot status in the crate

Now that we have all shipped or are waiting for the truck to pick up the robot, what is the condition of your robot in the crate?

Team 47 Chief Delphi is 100% ready for inspection and weight ( we are 118.5). Fully operational… lets the games begin.

We have work left to do
Were 1.1lbs overweight (We can safely remove stuff though) then were still considering bumpers

We actually have about 5 minutes worth of stuff to do, namely mount the PVC flag holder/team numbers… but then we are inspectable (besides any filing that we may have missed). Also, if we decide to go with bumpers, we have the wood cut… so we’d just need to assemble them at the competition, but that is a maybe.

Our exact readiness depends on how accurate our scale was…if it’s right, we’re good on weight, otherwise we have a bit more to do. We might have a few small things like a flag holder to mount and the stickers, but other than that I think we made it.

The crate has been shipped and the robot is 99% done. The robot is fully functional minus some coding tweaks we’d like to add and test when we get to the regional, namely for autonomous.

we didnt have to enter the tracking number into TIMS this year, right?

As it stands, to be ready for inspection, we need to finish the wiring on a Victor that had to be replaced (I suspect the old one had a loose connection internally), connect most of the sensors (They are all wired, just not connected), bolt down a pot, fix a leak in our pneumatic system (which we’ve already located), and mount the flag holder. Going off past history, I expect that we will probably have to deburr a few things and do minor little touch ups here and there, but I suspect we’ll have all that done relatively quickly. (maybe an hour or a little more) The big work on Thursday will be setting the 17 gains for the various feedback control loops on the robot.:ahh: I expect we’ll be primarily defensive in our first practice match, but we should have the arm at least operational, even though it won’t be at 100%, for the second. Maybe by the last one we’ll have our autonomous working.

We could conceivably pass inspection as it is in the crate. However, we’re going to switch out our RC for a loaner, since the spade connectors pulled out, and I’m starting to examine switching to window motors for the first stage of the arm, for various reasons. Well, and I think our cable chain might be putting us a hair over height…but that’s trivial.

well as is we need a couple hours. We smashed our claw just before shipping, which really sucks, but we will have more in no time. We need to replace a sprocket that was already wearing out on our arm,need to get stickers on and the flag holder and I think we will be ready to go, 3 hours at the tops! can’t wait 30 days left!

We just finished 99% on Monday, minus PVC flag holder, signal light, and some more signage for the robot.

However, we were practicing picking up tubes and stuff in the hallway today while waiting for the FedEx truck to come, and snapped the aluminum shaft that the arm drive sprockets were mounted to (from the couplers on the keyang motors). Not that big of a problem, it’s an easy fix (in fact I’m glad it happened now than at the competition), just replace the shaft with thicker steel at the competition.

Right now we are under weight. My guess is that we should be in at 8:30AM, have the arm fixed by 9, and have the robot ready for inspection by 9:30AM-10:00 the latest, and I expect to make every practice match, hopefully.

We’re 100% functional, but we still need to get our team # etc. on our robot.

We are .2lbs overweight right now according to our scale which has a plus or minus error of .2lbs, but we haven’t swiss-cheesed anything yet so weight shouldn’t be an issue.

We have some replacement/improvement parts for our telescoping arm which we didn’t have time to install for before ship, which should be a net zero weight gain/loss.

We do need to attach the bumpers, and re-wrap one set of wire wrapping.

That’s it for us, and we’ll be good to go.

bumpers - 10 mins
transmission plates - who knows

Trans plates, and a few minor housekeeping issues (like getting a rubber band on that errant pneumatic tubing…) and adding some weight (as if…)

Basically ready for inspection, probably an hour or two.


I’m not even sure… Our scale was acting funny Monday. It ranged from 117lbs to 120.4lbs. We’re ready for inspections, but we are not sure if we’ll pass because of this particular weight issue.

We got our robot in the crate with everything shiny and working except a gyro sensor that we aren’t using anyway. We have a great looking and functional robot this year. On the other hand, our autonomous mode is nonexistent. I, our main programmer, would have gotten more done if I had more time with our robot than half a day.

Our robot will get weighed as soon as we get out of the crate (our scale failed and we have some 11th hour mod’s to get things to work). If our weight problem is less than 2 or 3 pounds (as we suspect) , we should make inspection by noon. Otherwise…we’ll be working into the afternoon with our fall-back options.

I’ve been a robot inspector at the SoCal regional for the past 4 years and it seems very few robots (<10%) are ready to be inspected right out of the crate. About half of the robots are “mostly” inspected (i.e. they have either completed or have a few minor items to deal with to be in compliance) by noon. By mid-afternoon, there are a few teams (10%) that are really struggling with the rest assured to be complete by the end-of-day. By Friday morning, there are a handful of robots that haven’t quite completed, but I’ve not seen a team miss their first match because of inspection issues. Most inspectors want to help teams get through the inspection process, even if it means doing several partial inspections and re-inspections to complete. Have your bill of materials ready, meet with an inspector early, ask questions and even request advice: we’re here to make the competition fair and fun!