Robot Status Light (aka 'BFL')

has someone run across the ‘secret decoder ring’ for the robot status light (big flashing light, BFL)??

Maybe we just read past it in the manuals, but we couldnt find what the different flash sequences mean.

thx in advance :wink:

This link has been posted here multiple times. It took me only a few seconds to find it using a search for “rsl meaning”.

yeah, we did a search, but for BFL (instead of RSL) since that is the acronym that is in the manual this year…thus why no search hits :rolleyes:

Which manual? The game manual uses RSL…

The control system manual, Section 5, defines the acronym BFL as follows:

BFL – Big Fancy Light or Big Flashing Light (colloquial terms for the Robot Signal Light)

The correct terminology is Robot Signal Light or RSL as shown further down the same document:

RSL – Robot Signal Light

It is also referenced as the Robot Signal Light or RSL in the Power Distribution Diagram and rule <R58>

<R58> ROBOTS shall use the diagnostic Robot Signal Light provided in the Kit Of Parts. It must be mounted on the ROBOT such that it is easily visible while standing three feet in front of the ROBOT in the STARTING CONFIGURATION. The Robot Signal Light must be connected
to the “RSL” supply terminals on the Digital Sidecar, which provides power and control for the light. The team has no direct control over the light and no programming is required.

I believe the confusion is caused by the beta teams that called it the Big Flashing Light or BFL. Which was the original name given to the robotic signal light. I believe the name was changed for semi-obvious reasons.

The BFL -> RSL transition gives me mixed emotions. On the one hand, what do we call The LED Formally Known as LFL (the LED next to the connector)? On the other hand, RSL does lend itself to foshizzle speak.

This is why I’m not allowed within line of sight of marketing.

I’d rather use the BFL, since RSL has already been translated by my team as “Really Sucky Light” referencing how easily they break when hit by something.

If ours gets broken, “Rudolph” will get a bloody nose.:wink: