Robot stopped communicating with one day left...

My robot emits a WiFi Signal with my team number as the name, yet when I connect the robot has no communications. I have tried EVERYTHING, resetting RoboRio, the computer, the router. The router I’m using is the small white new one that came in the kit. It keeps saying there’s more info in the diagnostics, but it’s blank. I’m freaking out, this is the last day and we essentially have 3 hours to fix an unprecedented error that began between us leaving yesterday and coming in today, with no change in between. PLEASE HELP!

Can you connect via ethernet? If you can connect via ethernet then it is likely the router which is the issue.

Just tried ethernet. No connection.

Can you connect to the RoboRio via Ethernet and get comms? (this way you know at least the roborio works and the router is the only issue… rather find that out too)

As hardcopi said, you should also try connecting to the RoboRIO via a ethernet cable or a USB cable (Note: Only the USB type-b connection (the square USB connector) works for connecting the RoboRIO to a driver station).
If all else fails, what I had to do when the RoboRIO on out practice bot wouldn’t cooperate, a simple reformat of the RoboRIO usually does the trick.
Also, if possible, try to see if connections work on a separate computer that has the correct programs installed as well.

Try USB to connect to the robot from your computer. We had a RIO where the Ethernet port died completely in the middle of running the robot. No network lights, nothing. USB worked though. Ended up returning/replacing the RIO. But USB is a good way to see if it’s isolated to just the network port.