Robot Storage at regionals

Just wondering. Our team is going to attend the nyc regional, and we are worried about leaving the robot as well as our tools over night at the event site. We were thinking about renting a little truck for those 3 days and just keeping the tools and robot in there, as well as shipment of the tools to and from our school. What did you guys do?

Team 1155
Bronx Science

i dont think you are allowed to remove the robot from the arena. but your tools will be fine in the pits. just dont forget a tool box to keep them in overnight. nobody will bother the tools or the robot because nobody is allowed in after 6 pm.

i have never heard any incident about any team losing any parts or tools from their pit when they left it over night… and i wont probably happen… from my experience of 3 years… i have learned that teams respect each others property… and asks before touching… so i would say that dont worry about leaving anything in the pit… it will not be stolen… our team has been in FIRST for 10 years now… and we never had such incident…

Most of the event sites also have some form of security also. Like posted above just keep the tools in a lockable toolbox. The only thing I wouldn’t leave out is a laptop or other electronic equipment.

laptops, PDAs, cameras, camcorders… anything that a person could pickup and walk away with, YOU be that person and take it with you when you go back to your hotel

your robot will be ok - nobody will mess with it

if you have a big tool box you could close it up and put a lock on it.

esp dont leave your laptop there if its the only thing that your code is stored on - its indespensible!