Robot Teaser


We had something like that, but with three full-size chalkboards.

We might of wrote a little big, and drew some uneccessary pictures, but none the less we had three full chalkboards of science jabber.

hahaha, thats just one thing of one group. i think sergio and them have like a good 10 white boards of stuff written, but of course a lot over laps. Whiteboards are so good to have, especially ones like those where you can move around and make “ghetto” CAD by having two or three whiteboards and drawing where everything goes on them. lol.

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The sciences are a wonnnnnderful thing and using them to calculate the real life interactions of the very scientific principals and equations in life and in FIRST Robotics is amaaaaaaaaazingly cool!
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It looks like lifting perhaps?

Mathematics are overrated.

I am going to have to agree with 195. It would appear to be plans for a lifting mechanism. I do believe that that drawing in the center signifies that you will be lifting the arm instead of other robots with this design. BTW: Math=Life