Robot temporarily breaks 30in extension rule


So my team is designing a ramp and it temporarily extends outside the 30in extension as it falls but is inside when fully deployed. Is this a violation of the rule?


Yes, but only temporarily.



I suggest you rethink how it is deployed perhaps.


Hmmm… Any judge will now likely decide to have you demonstrate your ramp deployment during inspection at every tournament you will participate…
If I were you, I’d fix that issue ASAP!


A judge won’t care.


But a robot inspector probably will.


Aight thanks guys appreciate it. We’ll figure out a solution.


It won’t pass inspection


If you don’t tell them they won’t know


That’s funny… I always tell my robot inspectors to make sure they measure everything at its fullest extension, usually when it’s horizontal. I would expect it to be discovered during inspection.


Risky strategy.


^^This. With the robot upright, arms usually have maximum FP extension when the tip of the arm is at the same altitude as the hinge.


I’d be putting your robot so that it’s frame perimiter is 30" from a wall and ask you to demonstrate your mechanism. If it scrapes the wall, it fails.

Please remember that a lot of the volunteers (RI’s and Referees) have long histories of pushing the rules to the limit and making them scream :wink:




But the fouls go on your permanent record.


If you are worried about those last three inches, I am assuming, you could place an additional hinge at the bottom that would allow for that piece to fall down due to gravity.

Than either add a mechanism to pull it straight or design it so it goes the direction you want.

Source: we just cut 3 inches off our ramp.


That ramp won’t fly by the inspectors, you probably need to decrease the legnth of of the hypotenuse (or whatever the longest part is.) yes you will end up having a steeper ramp but you can work with it…


You know the rule, why design to break it?
You already know the right thing to do.

I’m all for pushing the “edge of rules” but that is reserved strictly for game strategy. Physical measurements that can be easily challenged at any time and introduce a headache you don’t need at competitions.


I believe your team has to sign off on the inspection form saying that you are compliant with all rules to the best of your knowledge. Quite frankly, there are lots of things you could probably sneak through inspection if you tried, and lots of other ways to cheat if you want to… but thats not exactly the spirit we try to encourage.


You definitely don’t get away with sizing. We had damage between 1 event and another that made our claw stick out 0.5" extra and we had to fix it to pass inspection in the next event.