Robot Test - Failure

We just tried setting up our robot yesterday. Sorry, it screwed up.

Its ok, just dont let it happen again.

:ahh: Don’t you know that you can’t use gas powered robots…LOL

And THAT is why they have safety manuals. :eek:

Odd, that seems like something I would do…

As long as you wore your safety glasses…

Don’t you know that you can’t use gas powered robots…LOL

Oh sure, now you tell us. :stuck_out_tongue:
We knew anyway. It’s nuclear, not gas. :]

Would you characterize that as a launch problem or a design problem?

Blame it on the programmer. :smiley:

:ahh: , oh, wait, then where is the mushroom cloud??? :confused:

HEY :mad: take that back…or else i will program a robot to um…nvm :smiley: JK

A classic case of PEBKAC!

No, no. If it’s NOT on fire, it’s a programming problem.


No No always programmers fault

The electrical and mechanical is never wrong because thats the part i do on the robot and i dont mess up :wink:

I was about to say.

oh, wait, then where is the mushroom cloud???

Incomplete reaction. :stuck_out_tongue:

The fire was started because of a programming error therefore again it was a programmers fault (as is always the case). When will they ever learn, when will they ev…

Yeah. 'tis only a simple script. Requires only ten seconds. PM me for details.

Note: When experimenting, make sure you are out of the current building.

Could you PM me the code for your wonderful nuclear suicide bot? That could come in handy as a last resort. :yikes:

Required materials:
C4 charges


static unsigned int t;
static unsigned int r;
if(t < 15){
speaker.say(“DIE, NOOBS!”);
if(r < 500){
pwm01 = 254;
pwm02 = 0;
if(r == 500){

Last thing heard. “If you cut the battery wires, disconnect the bat…” Would this be classified as a FUBAR :smiley:

Also in defence of Larry the program is NEVER wrong :ahh:

Wayne Doenges
CAD Mentor

Kind of reminds me when your friend says: “Hey guys, watch this!”