Robot Unveiling 2010: Live Webcast Event | Feb 19

2010 BAE FIRST Robotics Unveiling
Sponsored by BAE Systems
Hosted by Nashua High School
Team 151- Tough Techs

Date: Friday, February 19th 2009
Time: ~6:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
Location: From your computer! Live Webcast*

  • Pending everything goes according to plans

What:** The Nashua High School FIRST Robotics Team 151, a 1995 National Chairman’s Winner, Veteran Team and Hall Of Fame team will be playing host to the 2010 BAE FIRST Robotics Unveiling, sponsored by BAE Systems.

Local area teams from around New England sponsored by BAE are invited to come and give a brief 5 minute presentation and demonstration on their robots capabilities. 30 Teams have been invited to participate. 2 teams from New York are scheduled to broadcast their demonstration via webcast live to the main event in Nashua New Hampshire.The event is open to the public, however seating is usually limited.

We will be broadcasting the event* LIVE on the web* via the service “livestream” which has been embedded onto our website. The Nashua High School TV and Video Broadcasting Studio will be assisting us with the feed. We are still completing the initial planning for the event but we hope to provide you with a quality video and audio feed for your viewing pleasure.

This is the first time Team 151 has attempted to broadcast the unveiling event live on the web. We truly hope to get everything up and running in time for the event, however in the scenario things go wrong, we will work to provide you with a taped recording of the event in the following day or two of the event.

The following teams have been invited to attend! I will post an updated list once I hear who has and has not RSVP’d

Invitation List**
Albany High School – Team #1493
Aquidneck Island 4-H Club – Team #78
Bedford High School – Team #509
Bishop Brady High School - Team #1517
Bishop Guertin High School - Team #811
Campbell High School – Team #3323
Concord High School – Team #1721
Gilford High School - Team #1831
Greater Nashua FIRST Robotics - Team#2342
Groton-Dunstable – Team #1277
Hollis Brookline High School - Team #1073
Hopkinton and John Stark Robotics – Team #1922
Londonderry High School - Team #1058
Manchester High School Central - Team #131
Melrose High School – Team #2713
Manchester Memorial High School - Team #238
Merrimack High School - Team #166
Milford MAYHEM - Team #1519
Nashua High School - Team #151
Osbourn Park High School – Team #2068
Palisades High School – Team #103
Pembroke Academy - Team #134
Pinkerton Academy - Team #241
Plan B 4-H Club – Team #1729
Safford Robotics Group – Team #3126
Shenendehowa High School – Team #20
Souhegan High School - Team #138
Wapack Youth Robotics – Team #1749
Wissahickon High School – Team #341

Link to the live feed (Site Under Construction)

Alternative Link

Download Links for Taped Event

  • To be posted (we hope) following the event
    Stay tuned for link

Please feel free to leave feedback regarding the event either on the forum, or via the contact information at the bottom of the webpage. We look forward to hearing your feedback. Many parts of the site are still under construction. Please be patient while we attempt to work out the kinks.

Thank you, and we look forward to hosting the event, and we hope you will join us.

Thoughts, comments, feedback, and suggestions always appreciated!

David Stewart
[email protected]
Team 151 Program Director
Senior 2010!***

So now this has a webcast? NICE!

Can’t wait until next Friday, we should definitely be there!

This sounds interesting. If it wasn’t for the fact that we’ll be working and the school’s network is slow, I’d watch it live. Will have to catch the taped copies later.

Good luck! :slight_smile:

While team 78 will be unable to attend the actualy unveiling event we are putting together a video to demonstrate our robot design and what it does. We are excited to have a great sponsor like BAE to help us out! This event is a great way to show BAE what teams are able to accomplish with their help! Hopefully the webcast goes smoothly and everyone is ready to show what they can do!

Good luck!


This has always been like a mini xmas inside my xmas =D
I love the unveiling, getting to see what everyone else is up to :slight_smile:

Ha. Yah actually we won’t be able to view our own webcast on our school network. At least online anyways. I completely understand your situation. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully if you and team 20 (?) can get this video demonstration and webcast going well, it will open up an opportunity for more teams to become involved in the future! I look forward to seeing it (and probably seeing it before everyone else does) :p. Thanks.

This is really cool! I’ll be sure to tune in!

Great! I hope you do.

The time to RSVP to the event just ended and we will have 23 teams from around the region unveiling their robot during this event! We look forward to seeing you all there!

22 live teams and 2 via video feed, are unveiling their robots tomorrow night at our high school in Nashua, NH. Go to our website at where you can find a link to the live video feed. All teams presenting our teams sponsored by BAE Systems. Video feed will be a cooperative effort between our school’s video production department, a student based operation, and the RPI video production group. Info about the RPI feed should be available at
Hope you all get a chance to watch.
Best Regards,

Malcolm Paradise - lead faculty advisor, team 151

Do you have a list of who is going to be there and who is doing the video feed? Or are you keeping that secret until tomorrow night?

Can’t wait!

I think we’ll wait to announce who decided to show up.

We are officially online right now. Once the production starts we will have 3 camera angles.

Also be sure to check out the recorded video if you are unable to catch the live feed. I’ll try to get that up in the next few days. (if I can get into the school… we go on vacation this week)


We apologize for the mistake. We switched to a higher quality feed halfway through and I believe it cut off the livefeed. We will try to get a recorded version up on chief delphi, however the school is on vacation and I’m not sure what kind of access I’ll be able to get to it. Sorry, but thanks to the teams that attended and to the two teams from RPI.

See you at the competition.

Thank you team 151 for hosting another great unveiling. I love unveiling as it is a night to step back and get a chance to see what others are doing before a long weekend of prep for ship.

Thank you and you have one cool robot!

And that you BAE SYSTEMS for you continued support for out team!:slight_smile:

We didn’t get to tape everything but here is the Team 241 Presentation…

Any word on when this will be downloadable?

Yes… but it’s not good news. The Video Production Department is on school break until later next week along with the rest of the school. FIRST Robotics will be the only team in the school for the next week. Hopefully I’ll get access to it by next tuesday, but it will likely be too late by than for most teams.

Anyone know the link to this years Unveiling?