Robot unveils / unveiling videos 2012

To make it easier to find the unveiling videos scattered amongst the many threads here on CD, please post your robot unveilings and unveiling videos on this thread!

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Team 461: Rowdy 13

FIRST Team 1598 – Team Talon

A full 2:15 to come.

After 6 weeks of hard work and doing the math, Team 256 has completed its robot for the 2012 season.

Unveil video here.

Robot Specs:

-Speed of 9.27 fps
-Can score on top and middle hoops, though has a preference for middle hoops
-50" tall, 27"x37" wide frame
-4, 4" plaction wheels spread for optimal sturdiness and bridge balance
-“Finger” ball intake allows ball pick up from either side, at any speed
-Polycord ball elevator allows for storage of up to 3 balls
-2 wheeled shooter powered by Banebots 775’s makes full court shots
-Articulating shooter can change the angle of the shot anywhere from vertical to horizontal
-Bridge manipulator allows for quick bridge actuation and crossing
-Wide robot configuration makes optimal bridge balancing with other robots

For more information, go to


No video, but a nice web page about the robot can be found here. :smiley: (includes specs and all)

Why do you only use 2 CIMs on your drive when the ones on your shooter only go 40 feet? Our shooter is run with two 775’s through CIM-U-LATOR gearboxes and we shoot full court, if not farther at full power. It seems like those CIMs may be better used elsewhere (on your drive).

Here is the Robot unveil…&v=N0im0XImxBg


Powered by 2 fisherprice 9015 motors.
Has a Max Distance of about 30 Feet.
Once we put on our 0673 motors it will shoot farther.
The Angle of the shooter can be manually adjusted before the start of the match.
Rotation of about 270 degrees
Rotation is powered by a andymark 9014 motor.
The shooter uses the camera for assisted aiming of the shooter.


Wedge powered by 1 window motor

Lift and intake roller:

Lift powered by a denso throttle control motor
The lift uses poly-cord to carry the ball resting on a series of PVC rollers.

Drive Train:

Kitbot on Steroids Modified by using 8 inch wheels instead.
Turns on a dime.
For more information on the kit bot on steroids go to

Team 2470’s Robot

I’ll get a better video up in a few


26.5" x 34"
Cannon shoots 47’ in the air
Cannon shoots 57’ after rolling on the the ground
Able to cross and manipulate bridge
Kinect capabilities
Cannon has variable speeds on both top and bottom wheels for spin
Hopper for catching rebounds, shots from teammates and random flying balls
Autonomous that can score 6 or 4 points
Able to score in all baskets

Here is our release video.

Was the estimated landing point. Including the bounce we can go ~60 feet.
Unless you mean your robot can shoot all the way to the end of the court without the bounce… :eek:

We had to lower our shooter power because we were shooting over the field. No bounce.

MARS 2614 is proud to present ‘Marvin V’ also known as ‘marVin.’


Drive Train
6WD Dropped center
6 Inch rough-top wheels
Driven by internally run belts and pulleys
Modified AM supershifter, geared for 4.5 ft/sec and 17ft/sec.
Automatic shifting based on encoders

Ball Collector
2 Stage polycord lift system
Lower stage and front roller collect balls
Upper stage stores the balls and feeds them into the shooter
IR senors are used to detect the balls and “organize” them within the magazine
Each stage is powered by 1 BB

2 Wheel shooter powered by 1 BB
The cowl angle and shooter speed can be adjusted
Can score in 3pt hoop from the fender, the key, and slightly over half court
Work on full auto targeting and autonomous will continue on the practice robot
The shooter is pointed perpendicular to the driving axis to help with lining up for high-accuracy fender shots

Marvin V can cross the barrier but prefers to use the bridge
Pneumatically actuated bridge tipper
Auto-level using a gyroscope when balancing alone

“MARS Probes” to clear balls from under bridges and corners
Low CG
Reversible Bumpers
The pink pool noodles are just safety covers for the roll bars

Just 2 more weeks until Pittsburgh!

This is the most entertaining release video, I have ever seen :D. Great Job! and good luck this season.


Here is Team Driven 1730’s reveal video. Enjoy.

Starscream is ready for action. See you all at the Greater Kansas City Regional along with the Queen City Regional. See you all there.

Drive Train
Wide base
6WD dropped center (1/8")
AM 6" plaction wheels
About 12 FPS (toughbox)

Collector/ Elevator
4 stage elevator
Powered by 4 BB 775 motors through 16:1 planetary gearbox
1/4" Polycord belt

Vision tracking
Powered by am-0914 to BB 4" wheel
300 degree rotation

2x am-0912 motors
geared 2.7:1 through cimulator
1:1 geared to 8" wheel.
fiberglass hood.

Our robot, albeit in the bag. I don’t have any of it outside the bad, but you get the idea.


  • 4 8" mecanum wheels powered by 4 CIMs (14:1 reduction BB P80)
  • 4 wheel shooter (8" 2011 Kit Wheels) powered by 2 BB RS-550s (5:1 reduction BB P60)
  • Vacuum brush powered by BB RS-395 (no redcution)
  • Lift bucket powered by am-PG71 gearmotor
  • 109.7 lbs (with a few more things to add)

Here’s the first full-action video from FRC Team 2177, The Robettes - Minnesota’s only all girl team!

Drive Train:
4-wheel drive
4 CIMs
2CIMple boxes

2 Conveyors
2 FP motors with FP gearboxes
Stores 3 balls, automatically turning off when the third ball is gathered

4 Banebot 4 7/8" wheels
2 RS-550’s

  • Top has a 16:1 reduction
  • Bottom has a 7:1 reduction
    Angled at about 45 degrees
    Can shoot over any defensive robot

See you all in Duluth! (and then again at North Star!)

Team 4160 from Mission Bay High School is a rookie team attending San Diego regional. The shooter hood is soon to be replaced by lexan using the withholding allowance.

The ball was accidentely shot into a wall where it rebounded back into the shooter three times in a row! The second ball soon ended the incredibly fun cycle. Don’t blink it goes fast!

Lookin’ pretty smooth. Did you try recovering balls from a bridge? I also caught your “thank you” video - class act! BTW who’s that guy wandering into the frame? Mentors aren’t part of the team?