Robot unveils / unveiling videos 2012

Bill - I assume you’re talking about my video :slight_smile: Myself and another mentor were there last night working with them, mostly running around propping up the sides of the “field” to keep the balls accessible. I swear, I never actually got to drive the robot!

Our 2012 Robot.

A video of our students demonstrating the N.E.R.D.S. 2012 Rebound Rumble robot “Hughes”…the fellow in the blue shirt is our principal.

Will the Robowranglers be making another of their top notch videos this year?

Team 3236 Tri-Force
From Franklin, MA

FRC 1716 Redbird Robotics Presents: Osprey

This has been our most successful build season yet, with the most members our team has ever had (25) and an incredible amount of support from our new mentor Eric (known as Cire on Chief Delphi).

Hats off to everyone who was a part of the 2012 Redbird Robotics build season.

We will be practicing hard in the following weeks before the Wisconsin Regional!

(And enjoy the video, I put a ton of work into it.)


Really cool video IMHO :stuck_out_tongue:’’


Here is Team 316’s unveil vid.

Here is Team 1676, The Pascack Pi-oneers’, 2012 robot: Iron Horse

Unveiling Video:

We’ll be seeing everyone at the Rutgers District, NYC Regional, Mt. Olive District, and hopefully more if we qualify ;).

In case you have not seen our thread, here is 1279’s 2012 robot:

We would be happy to answer any questions in our thread.
Cold Fusion is attending Rutgers, NYC, and Mount Olive.

Here are a couple links to our robot shooting the balls and transitioning the bridge.



Here is our video:

See our bot in action at NYC and Connecticut.

More pictures from our test run: (Courtesy of my Dad)

  • 4-CIM drive
  • 6 wheels
  • Wide base
  • Plaction wheels w/roughtop in center
  • Omniwheels in the corners
  • Back two wheels are powered through chain
  • PVC/Polycord conveyor
  • 4 wheeled shooter
  • 2 FP 9015s powered through CIMSims
  • Window motor powered bridge tipper with servo lock
  • 119 pounds pre-bag
  • 4 Jaguars
  • 2 Victors
  • 2 Spikes
  • Axis Camera w/ LED ring for vision tracking

Updated the above with our new video. Wouldn’t let me edit the post.

After 6 long weeks of hard work and late nights, it’s our pleasure to introduce the newest member of the Vulcan Family

Team 3633’s video.