Robot Upgrade

Since Bag And Tag We Have been Working on Our Practice Robot And We have Dramatically Change Alot Of Stuff On the Practice Bot. So is it ok to Take Apart everything we have on our practice Bot and Transfer It to our Main Robot.

You are allowed to bring in 30 lbs of fabricated items. For example, if you built a new shooter and brought it into the event, the entire thing would count towards the limit. However, if you disassembled the shooter into its component pieces (let’s say a CIM motor and two unmodified Banebots wheels) those parts would not be counted as fabricated, though obviously, actual fabricated items would be. Inspectors will want to weigh your withholding allowance when you check in on Thursday. Good luck tomorrow!

Is the total weight of ALL fabricated items under 30 lbs? If so, then you should be OK. If it is NOT under 30 lbs, then take off any COTS items and reweigh the fabricated items. Repeat until you have no more COTS items that can be removed or you are under 30 lbs, whichever comes first. (If running out of COTS items comes first, bring raw material in place of some of the fabricated items and re-fabricate them at the event.)

That depends on what “everything” is. Anything that is COTS and is returned to the same state it was in when you bought it can be brought to your regional and put on the robot. Everything else (anything that you have modified - cut, drilled, filed, etc) counts in your 30 lbs of allowed fabricated items, per R21. If you go over 30 lbs, you’ll have a problem!

Note, you can’t open your bag until you get to your regional, so you can’t transfer anything over until then!

As long as you stay under the thirty pound withholding limit yes.

We will be installing a shooter and new tilt mechanism on our robot. The total weight of both is around 20lbs.

The other thing to consider is how much time those changes will take on Thursday. Can you get the changes done in time to get inspected or even get a little practice? In can be a fine line.

We Have Added A Pneumatic System And Our Shooter Weight is 22 pounds And Everything Else Is T-Slotted Extrusion So Basically if , we Take Our Pneumatic System Apart And Bring Uncut T-Slotted Extrusion. We Will Be Okay Right?

Note: Our Competitions Is March 21-23 But Thanks And Good Luck To The Teams That Play Tomorrow

You should be ok, but slavishly look at the rules. We had a problem with the withholding allowance last year because we didn’t know that bumpers counted. This year the rules are different, but you will just need to stay on top of them. As always, read the manual, it’s your friend. ::rtm::

Please check your Caps settings. Reading A Sentence That Looks Like This Is Very Annoying And Does Not Make You Look Professional.

Thanks for the help