Robot Voice

As part of an effort to have some offseason fun with our robot, we would like to add a voice to our robot. We were thinking about prerecorded sound, but think that might be bit “clunky”.

The simplest solution would be a remote microphone (wireless?, VOIP?) with some sort of transmitter and a receiver and speaker on the robot.

Anyone have any experience with this?

RadioShack has a wireless lav mic As I remember. Still the price is higher than $100. Have you checked Ebay for used wireless mics?

A team that I was on once zip-tied computer speakers (12V) to a robot, and ziptied a netbook to the robot as well.

We then remote desktoped into the netbook, and used it to play sounds, run text-to-speech, etc.

Super-clunky, Super-effective :smiley:

Look to the past.

Nice step in the “way back machine” on this one. there is actually one kicking around our playing field. No idea where it came from but it has some covers off and appears to missing stuff. We haven’t tried resurrection yet. Maybe sometime in the future.