Robot Wheels

Does anyone know of any sources for pneumatic 12" or larger keyed wheels? I’ve already looked at the Skyway wheels but I need a wheel that has a 0.5" bore and they only sell 5/8" hubs.

You can get wheels in that size range (not necessarily in that particular size) at All Electronics, American Science and Surplus, and Harbor Freight. Keep in mind anything you get at the first two will probably be much better quality than from Harbor Freight, but they do make some things that don’t break very easily.

Skyway… who has contributed to the KoP in previous years… makes a variety of wheels and will even custom build.

We’ve had good success with their pneumatic wheels on our electrathon race cars, which is… in many ways… a far more demanding application than competitive robotics.


you could possibly find keyed bushings for wheels with larger diameter hubs

check Northern Tool.

Northern Tool Wheels

They have several pneumatic tires. You’ll most likely have to create your own keyed hub solution.

Can we get a link to the product that your were looking at. You might be able to lathe a really nice Hub or even toss a bushing in there?


How much torque do you expect on those 1/2" keyed axles? Things are sized for a reason.