Robot WIFI Connecting, but not the RoboRIO

I can connect to the robot WIFI network, but there is no roboRIO communication. (Communications is red on DriverStation, comms light is off on the roboRIO). Turning the robot off and back on again had no effect, and so did resetting it, and pinging the DNS and IP address of the roboRIO. As expected, going to the roboRIO web dashboard didn’t work either. Any help welcome, no idea what’s going on. : /

Can you connect to the RoboRIO web dashboard using USB? If so, check the IP settings for the Ethernet connection and make sure you have a good Ethernet cable. If not, maybe it needs imaging? If the IP looks good, try tethering to the other Ethernet port.


In the driver station on the system tab, does the Firewall line have any words beside it in brackets? These correspond to your Domain, Private, and Public firewall settings, and the driver station wants you to disable those firewalls. FYI, I successfully run with domain firewall still enabled, because we don’t have permission to turn it off.

Do you have a network switch between the radio and the RoboRIO? Make sure it’s powered.

Is your team number set in driver station? If it’s not, and you set it, make sure you close the driver station and re-open it.

Also, if none of that works, you could try connecting to the RoboRIO with an ethernet cable direct from the laptop. If you can’t do that and talk to it, then it definitely won’t work with the radio. As said above, the RoboRIO needs the proper firmware and image installed.

RoboRIO imaging tool can’t pick it up, weird. The web dashboard also doesn’t work. Don’t have a network switch, and the team number is set.

We just switched out the RoboRIO, and it worked, but I need to work more on it later to figure out what’s up.

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