Robot will not work.

After setting up the driver station (to the instructions), programming the router(no errors), and uploading the sample code from Eclipse to the roborio (successful compile of the “Getting Started” Java code), the driver station (error-free installation) connected to the robot only to be unable to drive it! The XBOX 360 controller is connecting (I was able to tell by the dashboard), but the robot didn’t budge. Any idea as to why?

Is the joystick in the correct channel on the driverstation? Should be channel 0 if you didn’t change it in the code.

Did you install Java onto the roboRIO?
Installing Java 8 on the roboRIO using the FRC roboRIO Java Installer (Java only)

Driver Station Enabled?
Just askin’

Are the Driver Station’s Communication and Robot Code indicators green?

Does the RIOlog show any errors?
Using Riolog to view console output

PWMs? Try flipping them around maybe. Talons and Jags should have a solid light when enabled. If they’re flashing, then you might need to flip PWMs around.

It is on the right channel in the code.

Probably shooting at straws but I saw on one of the Robot In 3 Days videos that even if you are not using CAN, it must be wired from the RoboRio to the PDB to make it all work.

The PWMs were the problem. Thanks!