Robot with breaks?

Our team is considering using a breaking mechanism to stay on the charge station if it is not engaged fully during a match. Is this a worthwhile idea? Are you guys building mechanisms for the charge station?

Are you talking about setting the drive motors to brake mode at the end of a match, or an auxillary braking mechanism?

Given that any other mechanism would also be traction-limited, I imagine that using the motors would be just as effective, and much easier to impliment

Your pit crew, if not field staff, would appreciate it if your robot did not break intentionally on the field.

Staying in place with a braking device woukd be legal if a hair tricky, and of course suction cups are right out.


I thought he wanted to make sure the robot itself had time to take a break after a hard fought match!
As far as braking systems go, you can do this mechanically — with a friction brake or through gear shifting/locking, or with software via Brake Mode on the motors.
I’ve also seen teams use a pneumatic device to lift their wheels off the ground as a form of braking

Be careful of bumper height rules, but it should only take 1/4" of lift to be pretty confident all wheels are off the ground. This is very doable for teams that want to try. Lots of little pancake cylinders out there to do this.

In the real world there are several racing series where the cars have integrated pneumatic jacks. So it is definitely a good real world engineering problem.

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