Robot Withdrawl

I fear I may be suffering from Robot Withdrawl Syndrome. I feel so idle and useless now that I have enough non-FIRST time that a full night’s sleep and doing my homework are no longer mutually exclusive. Even worse, this is my first and last year as a FIRST student participant, as we are a rookie team and I am a senior.

Yet I do know that my work is not nearly done. We (team 811) need to clean up our base/HQ and our training facilities. That several more days of sweeping and mopping. Then comes reflecting on the past six weeks, writing down all our "next year we should…"s. Finally the other drive teams and I need to continue our driver training programs for ball throwing coordination, communications, and to just bond with eachother.

Wow! You think you have withdrawl now. The party is just beginning. Wait until the last Sunday in April. Withdrawl will really begin. Good luck to your team. I hope you do well.

You are certainly not alone. But since I’m still running on only 3 hours of sleep, it hasn’t really sunk in yet. I can’t even imagine what the end of Florida is going to be like. I’m going to miss those brats, er, students.



A creature of habit, unfortunately, most of them bad.

Miss, I emphasize (sp?) with you there. I have to write e-mails for our team and i didn’t do them for 5 days straight because of my lack of sleep, the final e-mail didn’t get done until 2 pm tuesday (today).