Robotbuilder 3rd party libraries name space

I’m using Robotbuilder with the CTRE extensions installed.
When it generates C++ code with a Pigeon IMU and a VictorSPX, the code generated has the “frc” namespace.


std::shared_ptr<frc::WPI_VictorSPX> conveyorMotor;

should be:

std::shared_ptr<ctre::phoenix::motorcontrol::can::WPI_VictorSPX> conveyorMotor;


std::shared_ptr<frc::CANCoder> pigeon;

should be:

std::shared_ptr<ctre::phoenix::sensors::CANCoder> pigeon;

Any idea how to fix this? We have to manually change it every time C++ code is generated and overwritten. Or is this a bug that I should submit?

It’s definitely a bug. I opened an issue here:

Awesome, thanks so much.

Updating to WPILib 2020.2.2 and Phoenix 5.17.6 should fix this.

I’m sure the update will fix your issue. CTRE is good about getting updates out to fix any issues with their software. But to fix the issue above before the release and maybe to peek your curiosity. You could take a look in the C:\Users\Public\wpilib\2020\Robotbuilder\extensions

If you open the relevant folders to the product your having issues with or wish Robotbuilder would stub in more features. Then following a reasonable syntax you can create your own add-ins or enhanced versions to the 3rd party libraries.

We created a few enhanced featured add-ins your welcome to try out. I have not tested them fully in the 2020 release of software.

The Enhanced TalonSRX adds options:

Restore Factory Defaults
Break Mode
Data Port Encoder
Intended ControlMode
Motion Magic Cruise Velocity
Motion Magic Acceleration

As well as other common configuration properties commonly used in the CTRE Samples.

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