RobotBuilder GUI App SetPoint Question

Hi Everyone,

This year–my rookie year in FRC–I decided to code in Java, but use RobotBuilder to generate some of the starter code since I am teaching someoe who is completely new to programming how to program. For those who do not know about Robot Builder, it is a Java GUI application that allows the generation of Java or C++ code based on what is done in the GUI. Motor controlers, motors, sensors, pneumatics, joysticks, and many others can be specified in the GUI.

Now to my question–in RobotBuilder there appears to be the ability to set points on the field by number identification and have the robot travel to those points when the specific command is used. However, RobotBuilder does not have anything to specify in the “requires” field and has given me an error code that says the command will not work without it. Does anybody know what is supposed to be created and then placed in the “requires” drop down window. I know that there is something in the GUI I can create to specify the point and thus make the thing work–I just don’t know what and have not been able to find out on the internet. In return for helping and as part of my question, I have attached a picture from the RobotBuilder file I am writing the code in that shows where I am having the problem. I have slightly redacted it to protect some of our tricks that we have waiting to be used, but the team that are scouting should be able to get some interesting stuff from it :D.

Thanks for the help!!


A setpoint command requires a PID Subsystem.

Thank you very much!!