RobotBuilder not Opening

Previously RobotBuilder was opening in Eclipse on our driver station laptop, but now it no longer does. What may cause this error and how can we fix it?

Start robot builder from the command line and see what errors it prints.

The error message we get when doing that is “access is denied.”.

Here is a picture.

Did you install the eclipse plugins from a administrative account and are now trying to run from a standard account?

Do any of the other tools work?

There’s only one account on that laptop (which should be the administrator account), and smart dashboard is working, so we think it’s just Robot Builder.

Just to confirm, this is the same install and laptop where it used to work? Any idea what changed since it was working?

I understand that it is an administrative account, but it can run in a normal or administrative context. Can you try the same command line, but open the window as an administrator and see if that helps.

You might also try disabling your anti-virus and see if that was blocking Robot Builder.