RobotBuilder Preseason 2019 Not exporting subsystems

Hello everyone.

We have used Robotbuilder successfully in the past, and we are in the midst of training new members this year. But now after building a Robot Builder robot, and pressing C++ button to export to the filesystem, the application hangs, and does not give us the "export completed " pop up. It seems to get stuck trying to export the subnsystems. Commands are created, Robot .cpp is created, All is good, except it does not complete, and without the subsystems. As a result when we try to import and compile in VScode, it complains that the subsystems are missing.

The subsystem folder is there, just empty.

Any ideas?

Thanks all


Just so that everyone knows, the checkbox for both commands and subsystems is positive in RobotBuilder. If I deselect subsystems, the export works, but ofcourse without the subsystems being there. If I select subsystems, it hangs. So, I suspect there is something buggy with Robotbuilder.

There is a similar post for the same issue in a much earlier version of Robotbuilder, but that thread does not have any resolution.

Just for fun, I also tried exporting the JAVA code. Same behaviour. Stalls. Never exports subsystems.

Any ideas?


There was an extra space at the end of one of the subsystems names "DriveSubsystem "
Got rid of the extra space, and it behaved better.


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I would like to personally congratulate you for posting, discussing and solving a problem on Chief Delphi completely independently. You my friend are the true solo carry.


Fantastic! Teach yourself. Now if only my former students could see this thread.

I mean sometimes you just can’t get the answer yourself, and I find that a lot of people have a large problem with reaching out for help because they are afraid of seeming not as intelligent.