RobotBuilder Relative Path patch

I’ve been playing with RobotBuilder, and it’s an awesome tool, but there’s one big problem I have: its export functions work only on absolute paths. This isn’t a problem if you only have one person working on a project on one computer, but if you’re working with multiple people across multiple computers (sometimes with different OSs), like in FRC, this becomes problematic really quickly. So I wrote a fix myself.

The functionality is pretty simple: it doesn’t add a relative path option to the directory selection dialogs, but if you edit the .yml file to use a relative path, it will work (relative to the .yml’s directory).

To use this, first checkout the RobotBuilder project, then use the “svn patch” command (svn 1.7 required) on *nix. I’m not sure how exactly you’d do it on Windows, but this StackOverflow question might help. Otherwise, you can do it by hand: the lines starting with — and +++ indicate the file the changes apply to, the lines starting with @@ indicate the lines affected, the lines with nothing in front are context, the lines starting with - are deleted, and the lines starting with + are added.

I also sent this to the developers, so it might end up being incorporated into the official project, but if not, I figure you guys might want to use it :wink:

RelativePath.diff.txt (3.87 KB)

RelativePath.diff.txt (3.87 KB)