RobotC and Field Management System

So, in short, with LabView our team wasn’t able to get a functioning autonomous mode, so we changed to RobotC. With LabView we were able to test our code using the Field Management System with no problems, it would connect to the NXT and we would setup autonomous to start. With RobotC however, it doesn’t seem to connect to FMS with Bluetooth. Our dongle is setup, bluetooth is on in the NXT, but it doesn’t seem to connect! I reinstalled the LabView firmware and it worked, so my question is why doesn’t the RobotC firmware hook up to the FMS through blutooth. (And yes, the NXT does show up as Blutooth and USB connected devices in RobotC’s connections.). Whenever I click on “Connect to Brick (USB)”, it says “Connecting…”, “Disconnected”. Our competition is saturday so unfortunatley this is urgent :confused: