RobotDotNet Initial Alpha Testing and Help Developing

Now that the FRC season is over, I finally had time to get back to work on the DotNet port of the WPILib. After figuring out some of the my errors at the beginning of build season, I was actually able to get it running successfully on the RoboRIO. I currently have enough of the WPILib ported over to create motor controllers, digital and analog inputs, and Joysticks, which are enough to run a basic robot, and maybe some that are slightly more complicated.

The language the library is written in is C#, but I did just test the code and it does work with VB.Net as well.

I was wondering if there were any people that wanted to help Alpha test it, or maybe help port some more code over. There is a lot, especially for just one person. If you are interested, PM me and I will send you a link. I don’t want to post it publicly yet, because it is in a very alpha state.