Robotic arm spark max controller coding

Hi all! I could use some serious help! I am a second year instructor with robotics, with kiddos who know how to build, but not code. We have built a robotic arm to pick up cones and cubes. It’s almost like a grabber/pincher. We have the base code for driving which is set. The step we need assistance on is the arm. We use spark max controllers, have a snowblower motor, and three air cylinders. The big cylinder slides the arm down, the other two small cylinders pinch the arm. I am learning java and I could use some help if there is sample code out there for an arm. If you need details about the arm, please ask because I do not have my CAD kiddo in here just yet. I greatly appreciate any and all help! These kiddos have worked very hard, and I want to get them to the next step. Have a great day all!

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We tried to work with smart motion and have opted to go with pid controller. And just setting motor to position.

It is not perfect but working well.

I would recommend in vscode that you create a new example project “ArmBot”. If you play with that example and adapt it to work on your robot you can merge the subsystem and commands into your main robot code.

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